Starsailor - Live in Köln (September 27, 2009)

Some years ago when I got interested in britpop they were one of my favourite bands. Of course when you are a teenager you should love these sweet chords and charming vocal. Starsailor: so depressive on the first album Love Is Here, but getting lighter and more positive album by album. I didn't listen to this music for such a long time but seeing they are having a concert near my city couldn't miss this!
Having the new album - All The Plans in my media library, never had time to listen to it (such a shame!). Well, and then I decided: why listen to it! I can enjoy it on the concert! ;)

Unfortunately, I missed the opening band (remember, I was coming from Oktoberfest and hardly managed to get from München to Köln) but oh, the concert itself! First of all it was really indescribable feeling to see a band that is already in the past for me. I wouldn't say that I don't like their music now that's why I never have them in my playlist.. Maybe I grew up for that music.. But now I realize that it's stupid. You can never get too old for Starsailor and they don't even play music especially for teenagers. So, what has happened? Perhaps it's all about new bands: they don't let you get back to the old music. Thinking of it now, I was digging in my library later and, oh my, I found so much old and nice music.. But that's another story :)

Yes, they are not so young any more. I wouldn't say that the new album is more mature. They haven't changed and maybe it's good to see that. Althoug James Walsh isn't that slim any more, that's it :)

After the crazy and stressful week it was really nice to hear something from the past, something familiar, especially when it's live! They played lots of old songs, opening the show with Tie Up My Hands. This was the first song I have ever heard of them! Do I have to mention all the songs they have played? Ohhh, I was really happy to the old ones: Poor Misguided Fool, Alcoholic, Fidelity, Four To The Floor, Love Is Here, Silence Is Easy, In The Crossfire, Keep Us Together.. So much positive even in the most depressive ones. I like also the new album: Boy In Waiting, All The Plans, Change My Mind.. and of course, Tell Me It's Not Over. Never expected them to be so full of positive and making people laugh. Such a contrast with the music and lyrics! Paradox? :)

The venue was nice and full of people: NOT teenagers.. mostly. The crowd was speaking for itself: it's not an adolescent music, although I liked it when I was 15-16. But why likED? I like it now, too. So nice to get back to the favourite music!

Randomly yours,


Manu said...

i miss them too!!!!!! Now will go and swtich on to their albums!