Jet - Live in Cologne (September 14, 2009)

Well, this is the band to see. And just can't explain why. And even YouTube won't help. They are just great live!

Jet, Jet...

So, on September 14th, in the middle of the week, I rushed out of the office and was running like hell to the station to catch the train. Then I was heading to Cologne and.. OOPS! It seems I have the wrong ticket: it's just for a normal train, not ICE. But the girl that was checking was quite kind: she heard what I said and just let me go!!! Yes, there are still nice people in the world, that's true! :)

This was the first time that I had to use public transport in Cologne. And my map was correct this time, so subway, then walking for around 15 minutes and I'm in the place! Well, it reminded me of a club in Rome called Circolo degli Artisti but it was smaller. Well, nice memories about Circolo and nice music for warming up. And of course I couldn't refuse some German beer and.. Jet market! I got a t-shirt with K.I.A. which they didn't play during the show (actually quite strange, huh?).

I have to say, it's not really fun to go to the concerts alone.. And it's really sad to see Jet so underrated. When you say to others that you are going to see them live, first they wonder who the hell Jet is! And then they remember "what was that song? Ah... something like.. Do you want to be my girl?". Not even many of them remember the correct title of the song. Whatever! It's not the band of one song. It's really a great band deserving much more appreciation than maybe most of the bands that exist now.

Now from the sad things to optimistic ones. I was in the first row!!! Ahahahaha, I would say it was quite dangerous because of the crazy fans jumping up with every beat but it was quite fun. Then you totally forget you came all alone :P

First, of course, the warming up. Glowing Elephant.

Let's say, it was quite a strange band.. I mean, almost all their songs were about galleries (unsuccessful painters? boh!). Some kind of psychadelic stuff, with some dance punk elements. I think the guys haven't decided yet about their final sound. Anyway, the music was... warming up :) And the vocalist was hillarious! At least for me. The bassist reminded me of a friend of mine - Davo, with his curly hair. The drummer was cool! Davo, especially for you, the photo of the bass player ;)

Then it comes a loooooong break (with strange but chilling music) when everybody takes out their instruments, packing them, then the technicians coming and setting up all the equipment, checking them. Then the crew putting the bottles and towels and.. beers of course all around the stage! So 30 minutes of waiting.. and HERE THEY ARE!

Comparing with the opening band, the first sounds from Jet were quite loud and powerful. I guess it was Get What You Need. The whole crowd went just crazy! Several times Chris Cester - the drummer, had to calm down the people convincing them to be more cool. But how can you just stand still and not push everybody around and jumb high when it's one of the best hard rock/garage rock bands are playing just in a few meters away from you! It was totally crazy, awesome and rocking atmosphere.

Although the tour was called Shaka Rock but it was like a return of Get Born. Actually they didn't play so many things from the new album. I expected them to play Times Like This but they didn't. Pfffff, but it was actually even better they played Get Born mostly because it's my favourite one, I know all the songs by heart because every song I LIKE! It was such a blast!

Well, just a thing I noticed. Does anybody remember Mark Wilson THIS thin? I was shocked. He looked.. well.. really cute ^^

I can't even express how they were live. I watched so much live stuff from them but never could imagine they could be THAT great. With humour, friendly, fun guys. And really nice music..

If they come around (again) to your town, don't miss them EVER! They are worthy to see live, I promise! ;)

Still in the mood
Yours truly

PS. And again I was riding my bike without any lights in Bonn when I was going home. :P


Manu said...

such a great post i really felt as if i was there! I agree that Jet are awesome and i ask everyone else that has also been to their live concerets to share their feelings here!

the remark about Davo's hair was right))))))