Muse - Eurasia has united!!!

Summer is very hot when you are in the northern hemisphere, so a funny idea for spending time in these boring days before holidays is a treasure hunt. Especially if it is organized by the rock band Muse!
Yes, it’s true. Muse have launched a global treasure hunt for a song of their new album “The Resistance”. Six USB sticks have been hidden in Berlin, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Moscow, Paris and Dubai and each of them contained a code which must be entered into the new website http://ununintedstatesofeurasia.muse.mu
Fans of Europe and Asia could act as if agents looking for the sticks and resolving the puzzle. Every time a USB stick is picked up, the code can be unlocked and a piece of the new song “United States of Eurasia” could be heard on the website.

So now that all the USB sticks are found the song is released for a free download!

But the final phase of this game was set in New York. US fans were deciding whether or not to recognize the newborn Eurasia....and the final answer was…Yes! Eurasia has been recognized! So, the resistance was not moved and Muse released also “Collateral Damage”, a Chopin tribute featured in the same track.

Surely Muse aren’t the first to start a traesure hunt for a song (just remember Year Zero by NIN) but that’s of course, a nice way to promote the new forthcoming album (14 September), also supported by using Twitter (http://twitter.com/MUSEWIRE).

Most of the Muse fans say that United States of Eurasia sounds like Queen! Actually likeness is obvious.

An intro like Bohemien Rhapsody, guitars as in We are the champions and an end that seems like Bycicle race.

According to Mathew’s words, The Resistance will be a sort of a rock orchestral album.

We have to wait just another 2 weeks for listening at the radio the first single Upraising…

Ciao belli!


Oasis - Definitely Maybe (August 8, 1994)

Being so tired of listening to 2000-s music I've decided to tell you about the best classic release of 90-s, OASIS' "Definitely Maybe". Noel Gallagher, Oasis' songwriter and lead guitarist, wasn't exactly dizzied by his band's rapid rise to the top. "It's all going really quickly," he says. "But if this is pressure, give me more!" He never worried about the future of his band because he knew that he is gonna "get him a modern car, maybe a Jaguar..." (this is a line of the Oasis' song "Going Nowhere" which was written in 1990, when Noel worked in the band called "Inspiral Carpets". He really knew someday he will be a millioner, his song will be sang in every corner and every walkman... His patience and talent made up a new power to make a great album, "DEFINITELY MAYBE".

"Up In The Sky" is a talk to God that can't make lifes better, can't really talk to people, but Noel wants to welcome God in his world, talk to him, teach him to fly...

"Columbia" is my favourite tune on this album. It's too long (6m. 17s.) but you really don't feel the time flyin' away with this song...

Oasis' first single "Supersonic" is the song withouh a sense in the lyrics, some kinda "She've done it with a doctor on a helicopter-she's sniffin' in the tissue sailing the 'Big Issue'...", but music is awesome, and if you are really feelin' down this tune rises you up higher and higher...

"Bring It On Down" is the song about the "anti-fans" of Oasis. Noel says that you can listen to other bands, but you really must not come and f*ck up Oasis' live concerts if you don't like it...

"Cigarettes And Alcohol" is killing with it's dizzing guitar riffes and embarrased and sometimes disgusting Liam's vocals, but it tells us about the only thing that the youth needs. So truly, so bright, so kind and killing...

"Digsy's Dinner"-no comments, the rock'n'roll classic of 90-s.

"Slide Away" is the one song that appears in 3 Oasis' albums: "Definitely Maybe" and 2 singles: "Whatever" (19.12.1994) and "Champagne Supernova" (1995) and this makes "Slide Away" classic and the one of favorites... Like a "Columbia" it's long (6.32), but nothing can make this song bad or boring.

"Married With Children" is the song about Noel's ex-girlfriend that said him that he makes "music shite". Bright and light tune finishes the album and you can't think of anything after this...


Rock 'n' Roll Star - 05:23
Shakermaker - 05:10
Live Forever - 04:38
Up In The Sky - 04:28
Columbia - 06:17
Supersonic - 04:44
Bring It On Down - 04:17
Cigarettes & Alcohol - 04:50
Digsy's Diner - 02:32
Slide Away - 06:32
Married With Children - 03:12

Listen this album and you really find out the original classix of 90-s, the rest and the best. *)

P.S. "Definitely Maybe" is the best album of UK of the rest 50 years (UK poll result in 2008), and "Live Forever" is the best UK song ever (UK radio and TV poll results in 2009).

In a bit, DOYS.


Muse - Black Holes And Revelations (July 3, 2006)

A melody approaches you from somewhere afar… the music is fair but odd at the same time. A bit later the melody turns into an energetic music which is full of drums and guitar, and it’s provoking to scream. The very music is combined with unique vocals, once you hear this voice you will never confuse it anymore. Let me present Muse, one of those bands, which represent alternative and progressive rock. This band has probably attracted your attention. It’s formed in 1994 in Teignmouth, England. Band has three members: Matthew Bellamy (vocals, guitar, piano, lyricist), Christopher Wolstenholme (bass, back vocal), Dominic Howard (drums)… And they do their best to make their music high-quality, that’s why an enormous army of fans stand behind them.
Listening to the songs of Muse your mood may change harshly: first you’ll want to sing, move, and a bit later, when the rhythm changes and the sound of the guitar disappears, you’ll became absorbed in a bit psychopathic but pleasant music.
The same feelings will accompany you when you listen to their fourth studio album; Black Holes and Revelations, which was released in July 2006. It differs greatly from the previous ones by its sound. It’s mostly rhythmical and there elements peculiar to electronic music are drawn…
…… yeah you’ll burn in hell.
You’ll burn in hell, yeah you’ll burn in hell for your sins… Matthew sings with his gentle voice…Yeah, don’t get confused, this is a fragment from the song’s lyrics which opens the album. This song is somewhat edifying and refers to all the sinful music lovers... but if you find yourself innocent, so be indifferent and don’t take a bow.. The song is called just like that - Take a bow’.
The second single and the second song of this album suits its title fully. While listening Starlight you’ll receive a host of positive emotions from these Marsians ;) It contains very joyfull rhythm which will set you into a singing mood…. But wait!!! Do you know where you’ll get chasing this starlight?! Yes! Them! Mars!! =) And when you reach It, the lights will be turned out and you’ll appear in a Supermassive Black Hole! Take an advantage of darkness and free-of-charge music and enjoy it in full!
If you’re inclined to listen to Supermassive Black Hole (by the way it’s also the first single of the album) it’ll give you good mood, and then during Map of the Problematique it will be just impossible to keep your good mood... there are many electronic elements in it, but judge by yourself:
Fear, and panic in the air
I want to be free
From desolation and despair
And I feel like everything I sow
Is being swept away
And I refuse to let you go
Loneliness be over
When will this
Loneliness be over?

Listening to the rest some of songs of the album (Soldier’s poem, Invincible, Assassin, Hoodoo) you’ll need to find an isolated corner and stay alone by yourself…. I guess... The fault is probably of the Matthew’s voice and the lyrics. The album ends with very interesting song - Knights of Cydonia (at least it’s interesting for me). Every time, when I’m listening to this song, it always gives me some new and fresh energy)).
In general this isn’t one of those albums, that you will limit listening to only the singles, and maybe that’s why it has a big success not only in EU, but also in USA.

In the nearest future(14 September 2009) Muse will release their new, fifth studio album which will be called “The Resistance”!!! One of the track title is United states of Eurasia, and the first single will be Uprising!!! They have already planned The Resistance tour in the UK, Europe and North America this autumn!


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - B.R.M.C. (April 3, 2001)

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club… The longest ever band name that makes you wonder why such a name was picked up? Well, Peter Hayes and guys liked the movie Wild One with Marlon Brando very much. But, besides, it really describes them perfectly: their music is mainly psychedelic, melancholic, rebellious, makes you feel like you ride a motor-bike under a crazy wind that takes the sound of the music away, which still echoes in your mind...
They sound nice in their short version too, however: B.R.M.C. A very britishly sounding but still American band, whose latest album, The Effect of 333 was totally independently recorded with their own efforts which they are very proud of.
But the best album they made was their first album called B.R.M.C. It is really a well shaped collection of wonderful songs that take you high up to the sky with its pure melodies and Peter Hayes’s velvet vocal. They really have a very good taste for music and each of their song is beautiful in its own way. Positive and dreamy Awake, cute and melodic Down Here with a very pretty background solo are one of the many pearls of the album. They even have some country sound in some songs like Screaming Gun, as if taken from old Westerns, while Spread your Love and Whatever Happened to My Rock’n’roll are perfect crazy dancing songs with endless passion and desire! Head up High and Too Real are such lovely ballads you can not believe can be sung by the same B.R.M.C Does it feel too real , When everything you've learned to love seems to change? Does it feel too real When everything you love to fear seems the same?...
As Sure as the Sun sounds even a bit like grunge with its dominant bass and interesting outro where Peter mumbles “I’m gonna take my time” with a voice as if during church ceremonies. At my Door is a wonderful acoustic song and its waves resemble the flying birds in a pure summer blue sky. Love burns deserves a special attention as it is an unbelievably powerful song sticking to your mind and making you feel the love burning inside you. It makes you want to lose your mind and sink into the absorbing sea of love and fever. I like the guitars in these song suddenly “switching into the song with a loud distortion” emphasizing the strong and catchy chorus you want to repeat all the time in your mind!
Red Eyes and Tears is quite hard probably the hardest song in the album with hard lyrics too, a very passionate song too despite the monotone vocal. It has a winning solo and drums.
Rifles is another masterpiece of this album with a «stretching singing style» which is the main salt of the song. It has impressive lyrics too: I see the color in your eyes, I see the images I own, I see more color in your eyes, Than the reflections from purple skies.
Salvation sounds very much like Blur’s Tender to me, it has the same drums and very similar chorus, the same majesty and love theme.
Here is the B.R.M.C.'s self titled debut album: 14 incredible songs which make you want them more and more and never get bored of listening to. Here is a band with a long name that gets stuck for a long time in your mind. ..


Zемфира - Z-Sides (2009)

Talking about Zemfira we always remember Арривидерчи, Webgirl and some other songs... 2 years after the releasing the album called Спасибо (Thanks), Zemfira released new b-sides album Z-Sides. This album should have been released in April 2009, but someone has stolen this recording and it appeared in web in March 2009. Some might say that it was only promo trick by Zemfira, some might say that it was really stolen, but one thing is true: this album is the best since 14 Недель Тишины (14 Weeks Of Silence)

Listening to Z-Sides I thought that it was not 33 old women that wrote these songs, it was a 16 years old girl Zemfira lived in Ufa... So light, so bright, so simple but so interesting... Very interesting trumpet of Konstantin Kulikov, very good vocals and lyrics... It is good... There are only 9 songs in this album, each of it dures about 2.5 minutes, but it's so fine... My fav song on this album is Австралия (Australia), so lyricly and simple, so fine... And there is the tracklist of Z-Sides :

  1. Петарды (Petards)
  2. Гаражи (Garages)
  3. Из Головы (Out Of My head)
  4. Австралия (Australia)
  5. Интересно (Interesting)
  6. Поцелуи (Kisses)
  7. Для Тебя (For You)
  8. Антананариву (Antananarivu)
  9. Не Стреляйте (Don't Shoot)

Number 4 and number 8 make you so happy and fine and if you feel bad these songs can help you///

In a bit, Doys...


Oasis To Re-Issue Their Studio Albums On Vinyl

Following the release of Dig Out Your Soul worldwide, Oasis will be re-issuing their studio album catalogue on vinyl later this year on a limited one-off re-press. All seven studio albums –

'Definitely Maybe'

'(What's The Story) Morning Glory?'

'Be Here Now'

'Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants'

'Heathen Chemistry'

'Don't Believe The Truth'
'Dig Out Your Soul'

as well as B-sides album 'The Masterplan'

will now be available through Big Brother Recordings on super heavyweight vinyl and will feature brand new sleeve notes from July 13th.

from: oasisinet.com

Re-issuing follows an other release, Noel Gallagher’s live album "The Dreams We Have As Children" recorded in 2006 during the
Concert in Royal Albert Hall for Teenage Cancer Trust. Noel performed the best Oasis’ songs
like a ‘Slide Away’ and ‘Talk Tonight’. And there is full track list of this BEAUTIFUL release:

1. (It’s Good) To Be Free
2. Talk Tonight
3. Fade Away
4. Cast No Shadow

5. Half The World Away
6. The Importance Of Being Idle
7. The Butterfly Collector
8. All You Need Is Love

9. Don’t Go Away
10. Listen Up
11. Sad Song
12. Wonderwall
13. Slide Away
14. There’s The Light That Never Goes Out
15. Don’t Look Back In Anger
16. Married With Children

I was so delighted listening this album, and I thought for a moment that Noel could have been a solo artist ‘cos his performances of Oasis’ “The Best” is really the best ones ever…

P.S. Waiting for Noel’s solo album harder every day…

P.P.S. Don’t believe that crap that Liam has plans to be a movie star… He’s so busy and tired…

in a bit... DOYS...


Oasis - Dig Out Your Soul (October 6, 2008)

I am sure most of you spend lots of time digging out your soul trying to understand yourself and through understanding yourself try to grasp this unimaginably insane world surrounding us!

I am doing it in my own way, by listening to Oasis' Dig Out Your Soul!

For those who just start listening to OASIS wonderful feelings are waiting ahead! OASIS music is bringing such a feeling of freedom, self-confidence and belief in own abilities that it really resembles an oasis at a desert whispering that maybe it's gonna be the one to save you... The songs are about YOU, each and every one, texts are not a masterpiece but they are so close to what you feel right now, right here, that you just can’t stop feeling yourself a hero of each of their song which have already become talismans of your life! This is OASIS! Once you love them you can’t stop anymore!..

Well, of course Liam, no matter how often he rejects this, is totally “living” John Lennon and OASIS too could never refuse being too much like The Beatles sometimes. But this is not awkward: writing songs which are like songs you love most is natural! Of course, you can’t avoid similarities and associations! They are also blamed for being too self-enamored! But they are OASIS! They have the right to love themselves if the whole world does! Though I would dispute over Noel’s being the best songwriter in the world which he likes to repeat so often…J))))))

We can discuss these crazy brothers behavior for centuries but they have a better topic to be offered: their latest album, Dig Out Your Soul. This album was soooooo longed for that there were probably too high expectations and when it was released at last it got a huge pile of criticism-full reviews! In this album not only Noel but the band all members had a role in songwriting. The best song in the album, warmly accepted by the critiques, and of course, created by the Noel The Great, Falling Down, has a rich sound and ironic words that get stuck deeply in your mind:

If you won't save me please don't waste my time...

Liam's wonderful melancholic ballad I'm Outta Time is quite philosophical and deep ... These words are especially killing (though Liam took it from somewhere else, but still!)

If i'm to fall, would you be there to applaud, or would you hide behind the law...

In general this album lyrics are much more mature making us hope that the Gallagher brothers have at last grown up! (though maybe it is better not?)

The Shock of the Lightning, the first single, from the album is very energetic with a huge drive and is just like a crazy traffic running in front of your eyes!

Waiting For The Rapture has very solemn drums and is one of «non-Noel» songs. It's quite different from OASIS music, very bluesy and you can hardly believe this is Oasis!

Bag It Up is the opening song which guitar riffs you make you feel you're riding a motorcycle taking you on a speedy tour! It has absolutely unsolvable lyrics pronounced with such a confidence by Liam that you think it's you that are probably out of your wits, not him! )))

The Turning is very rhythmic (all in all it seems OASIS worked hard and put a special accent on drums in this album!) with a “harder” vocal, a very good song that has drive and inner strength!

We live with the numbers,
Mining a dream for the same old song,
What hope for the turning,
If everything you know is wrong…

High Horse Lady deserves special attention due to its interesting vocal as if coming from a tube and wonderful claps making it so special! Ain’t Got Nothing is a very “I don’t care song” sooo characteristic for Liam (one of his songs in the album) and is actually based on a true story about Liam’s being caught and taken to prison though he hadn’t done anything.

The Nature Of Reality is another strong song with thoughts of dialectical nature that is coming from afar and attacking you with its repeating heavy guitar solos and rhythmic and somehow different form usual OASIS style besides that nice part with ay-I-ay-ay.

The most boring monotone song in the album that I personally hardly listen to is Soldier On. It has no melody even, very inert and nothing new.

I like especially To Be Where There’s Life lyrics which I wrote below!

Dig out your soul, cos here we go
We gotta move, it's what we do
Let me come through
Let me take you away to be where there's life
To be where there's life…

So let OASIS take you to where there’ s life…