Zемфира - Z-Sides (2009)

Talking about Zemfira we always remember Арривидерчи, Webgirl and some other songs... 2 years after the releasing the album called Спасибо (Thanks), Zemfira released new b-sides album Z-Sides. This album should have been released in April 2009, but someone has stolen this recording and it appeared in web in March 2009. Some might say that it was only promo trick by Zemfira, some might say that it was really stolen, but one thing is true: this album is the best since 14 Недель Тишины (14 Weeks Of Silence)

Listening to Z-Sides I thought that it was not 33 old women that wrote these songs, it was a 16 years old girl Zemfira lived in Ufa... So light, so bright, so simple but so interesting... Very interesting trumpet of Konstantin Kulikov, very good vocals and lyrics... It is good... There are only 9 songs in this album, each of it dures about 2.5 minutes, but it's so fine... My fav song on this album is Австралия (Australia), so lyricly and simple, so fine... And there is the tracklist of Z-Sides :

  1. Петарды (Petards)
  2. Гаражи (Garages)
  3. Из Головы (Out Of My head)
  4. Австралия (Australia)
  5. Интересно (Interesting)
  6. Поцелуи (Kisses)
  7. Для Тебя (For You)
  8. Антананариву (Antananarivu)
  9. Не Стреляйте (Don't Shoot)

Number 4 and number 8 make you so happy and fine and if you feel bad these songs can help you///

In a bit, Doys...


Manu said...

Zemfira always knows how to impress...