Oasis - Dig Out Your Soul (October 6, 2008)

I am sure most of you spend lots of time digging out your soul trying to understand yourself and through understanding yourself try to grasp this unimaginably insane world surrounding us!

I am doing it in my own way, by listening to Oasis' Dig Out Your Soul!

For those who just start listening to OASIS wonderful feelings are waiting ahead! OASIS music is bringing such a feeling of freedom, self-confidence and belief in own abilities that it really resembles an oasis at a desert whispering that maybe it's gonna be the one to save you... The songs are about YOU, each and every one, texts are not a masterpiece but they are so close to what you feel right now, right here, that you just can’t stop feeling yourself a hero of each of their song which have already become talismans of your life! This is OASIS! Once you love them you can’t stop anymore!..

Well, of course Liam, no matter how often he rejects this, is totally “living” John Lennon and OASIS too could never refuse being too much like The Beatles sometimes. But this is not awkward: writing songs which are like songs you love most is natural! Of course, you can’t avoid similarities and associations! They are also blamed for being too self-enamored! But they are OASIS! They have the right to love themselves if the whole world does! Though I would dispute over Noel’s being the best songwriter in the world which he likes to repeat so often…J))))))

We can discuss these crazy brothers behavior for centuries but they have a better topic to be offered: their latest album, Dig Out Your Soul. This album was soooooo longed for that there were probably too high expectations and when it was released at last it got a huge pile of criticism-full reviews! In this album not only Noel but the band all members had a role in songwriting. The best song in the album, warmly accepted by the critiques, and of course, created by the Noel The Great, Falling Down, has a rich sound and ironic words that get stuck deeply in your mind:

If you won't save me please don't waste my time...

Liam's wonderful melancholic ballad I'm Outta Time is quite philosophical and deep ... These words are especially killing (though Liam took it from somewhere else, but still!)

If i'm to fall, would you be there to applaud, or would you hide behind the law...

In general this album lyrics are much more mature making us hope that the Gallagher brothers have at last grown up! (though maybe it is better not?)

The Shock of the Lightning, the first single, from the album is very energetic with a huge drive and is just like a crazy traffic running in front of your eyes!

Waiting For The Rapture has very solemn drums and is one of «non-Noel» songs. It's quite different from OASIS music, very bluesy and you can hardly believe this is Oasis!

Bag It Up is the opening song which guitar riffs you make you feel you're riding a motorcycle taking you on a speedy tour! It has absolutely unsolvable lyrics pronounced with such a confidence by Liam that you think it's you that are probably out of your wits, not him! )))

The Turning is very rhythmic (all in all it seems OASIS worked hard and put a special accent on drums in this album!) with a “harder” vocal, a very good song that has drive and inner strength!

We live with the numbers,
Mining a dream for the same old song,
What hope for the turning,
If everything you know is wrong…

High Horse Lady deserves special attention due to its interesting vocal as if coming from a tube and wonderful claps making it so special! Ain’t Got Nothing is a very “I don’t care song” sooo characteristic for Liam (one of his songs in the album) and is actually based on a true story about Liam’s being caught and taken to prison though he hadn’t done anything.

The Nature Of Reality is another strong song with thoughts of dialectical nature that is coming from afar and attacking you with its repeating heavy guitar solos and rhythmic and somehow different form usual OASIS style besides that nice part with ay-I-ay-ay.

The most boring monotone song in the album that I personally hardly listen to is Soldier On. It has no melody even, very inert and nothing new.

I like especially To Be Where There’s Life lyrics which I wrote below!

Dig out your soul, cos here we go
We gotta move, it's what we do
Let me come through
Let me take you away to be where there's life
To be where there's life…

So let OASIS take you to where there’ s life…


Mari said...

Great Post Man jan,
I LOOOOVVEE this album, especially the High Horse Lady haha (Our song huh Manu? ;) And I'm Outta Time!

Manu said...

thanks Mar, I was really so enthusiasthic to write about OASIS!!!

Doys said...

Being a die hard fan of OASIS I was very disappointed listenin this album... Boring Soldier On, boring (Get Off Your)High Horse, Lady, boring I'm Outta Time, boring TBWTL, and not so boring but only 'pretty fine' Falling Down, The Nature Of Reality shows up Andy Bell as an awful songwriter, Bag It Up and The Turning only sound like OASIS... And I think if Liam and Noel made an album using "DOYS" B-sides, kinda Those Swollen Hand Blues, Falling Down(Prodigy version), and I Believe In All, this album could be much interesting then now... But now it's as disappoiting as "Heathen Chemistry" was...

Doys said...

And 1 interesting fact: Noel was on drums of 6 or 7 songs of Dig Out Your Soul... hah...

Free4all said...

I personally think this is the best album since morning glory but that's just my opinion :). I especially like Falling Down cuz I love pretty much every song where Noel sings.

Anonymous said...

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