Oasis To Re-Issue Their Studio Albums On Vinyl

Following the release of Dig Out Your Soul worldwide, Oasis will be re-issuing their studio album catalogue on vinyl later this year on a limited one-off re-press. All seven studio albums –

'Definitely Maybe'

'(What's The Story) Morning Glory?'

'Be Here Now'

'Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants'

'Heathen Chemistry'

'Don't Believe The Truth'
'Dig Out Your Soul'

as well as B-sides album 'The Masterplan'

will now be available through Big Brother Recordings on super heavyweight vinyl and will feature brand new sleeve notes from July 13th.

from: oasisinet.com

Re-issuing follows an other release, Noel Gallagher’s live album "The Dreams We Have As Children" recorded in 2006 during the
Concert in Royal Albert Hall for Teenage Cancer Trust. Noel performed the best Oasis’ songs
like a ‘Slide Away’ and ‘Talk Tonight’. And there is full track list of this BEAUTIFUL release:

1. (It’s Good) To Be Free
2. Talk Tonight
3. Fade Away
4. Cast No Shadow

5. Half The World Away
6. The Importance Of Being Idle
7. The Butterfly Collector
8. All You Need Is Love

9. Don’t Go Away
10. Listen Up
11. Sad Song
12. Wonderwall
13. Slide Away
14. There’s The Light That Never Goes Out
15. Don’t Look Back In Anger
16. Married With Children

I was so delighted listening this album, and I thought for a moment that Noel could have been a solo artist ‘cos his performances of Oasis’ “The Best” is really the best ones ever…

P.S. Waiting for Noel’s solo album harder every day…

P.P.S. Don’t believe that crap that Liam has plans to be a movie star… He’s so busy and tired…

in a bit... DOYS...