Oasis - Definitely Maybe (August 8, 1994)

Being so tired of listening to 2000-s music I've decided to tell you about the best classic release of 90-s, OASIS' "Definitely Maybe". Noel Gallagher, Oasis' songwriter and lead guitarist, wasn't exactly dizzied by his band's rapid rise to the top. "It's all going really quickly," he says. "But if this is pressure, give me more!" He never worried about the future of his band because he knew that he is gonna "get him a modern car, maybe a Jaguar..." (this is a line of the Oasis' song "Going Nowhere" which was written in 1990, when Noel worked in the band called "Inspiral Carpets". He really knew someday he will be a millioner, his song will be sang in every corner and every walkman... His patience and talent made up a new power to make a great album, "DEFINITELY MAYBE".

"Up In The Sky" is a talk to God that can't make lifes better, can't really talk to people, but Noel wants to welcome God in his world, talk to him, teach him to fly...

"Columbia" is my favourite tune on this album. It's too long (6m. 17s.) but you really don't feel the time flyin' away with this song...

Oasis' first single "Supersonic" is the song withouh a sense in the lyrics, some kinda "She've done it with a doctor on a helicopter-she's sniffin' in the tissue sailing the 'Big Issue'...", but music is awesome, and if you are really feelin' down this tune rises you up higher and higher...

"Bring It On Down" is the song about the "anti-fans" of Oasis. Noel says that you can listen to other bands, but you really must not come and f*ck up Oasis' live concerts if you don't like it...

"Cigarettes And Alcohol" is killing with it's dizzing guitar riffes and embarrased and sometimes disgusting Liam's vocals, but it tells us about the only thing that the youth needs. So truly, so bright, so kind and killing...

"Digsy's Dinner"-no comments, the rock'n'roll classic of 90-s.

"Slide Away" is the one song that appears in 3 Oasis' albums: "Definitely Maybe" and 2 singles: "Whatever" (19.12.1994) and "Champagne Supernova" (1995) and this makes "Slide Away" classic and the one of favorites... Like a "Columbia" it's long (6.32), but nothing can make this song bad or boring.

"Married With Children" is the song about Noel's ex-girlfriend that said him that he makes "music shite". Bright and light tune finishes the album and you can't think of anything after this...


Rock 'n' Roll Star - 05:23
Shakermaker - 05:10
Live Forever - 04:38
Up In The Sky - 04:28
Columbia - 06:17
Supersonic - 04:44
Bring It On Down - 04:17
Cigarettes & Alcohol - 04:50
Digsy's Diner - 02:32
Slide Away - 06:32
Married With Children - 03:12

Listen this album and you really find out the original classix of 90-s, the rest and the best. *)

P.S. "Definitely Maybe" is the best album of UK of the rest 50 years (UK poll result in 2008), and "Live Forever" is the best UK song ever (UK radio and TV poll results in 2009).

In a bit, DOYS.