Muse - Showbiz (April 28, 2000)

All the globe is now in "museomania" and their new album is the one most looked forward to perhaps among boys and girls of all possible generations everywhere! I am a part of that crazy crowd too and just can’t wait to absorb another portion of muse hysteria that will live forever in my mind. But as far as the new album is not out yet (officially on September 14) I re-listen to their older albums and among them has its own irreplaceable place- Showbiz, their first album. This is where all started…this is when we all got sick with Muse…So what it was that made us sick?

First, you get a Sunburn feeling the sun spreading its rays right under your skin with Mathew’s piercing vocal first entering into your world and making you feel you never heard anything weirder before. Now hold on! You’re sunburnt but your temperature is something close to 37 C, you’re not sick yet. Just a flu.

Soon you feel you start trembling from a fever as your muscles weaken and you know Muscle Museum started with it's bass march! “I don’t want you to adore me I don’t want you to ignore me!” is what is on your mind but it’s too late! You already ADORE them...! And even the ending pleading solo, kneeling and begging, can't keep you from getting sick…Don’t try to resist it even if all around repeat “Hate this and I’ll love you”...

Now you are already about 38 C and to get cooler you run to a Cave…But there, in the cave all the possible energy and heat that a guitar can produce “burns your heart away…” and then makes it melt with a soul catching outro solo so beautiful you can’t even grasp it. You madly run out of the cave and when your temperature is already close to 40C you feel you need to make it start Falling down. The temperature falls down a bit due to a pretty bluesy lullaby and you have a sweet sleep…but then! You suddenly wake up by crazy drum roll of and feel perfectly Sober! You are ready to return to your normal life with normal work, normal people and normal feelings...But then you feel you have been controlling your feelings for too long and you are ready to return to Museomania to get sick again to lead yourself to a self destruction… Showbiz expresses the real scream of your soul trying to get out of its cage! You continue your escape from this “normal” life by listening to Escape.

This philosophically perfect song tells you can’t escape your own insignificance and brings to you thoughts of the meaning of life and the truth and love and passion and sense! But all these feelings are already Overdue…You then realize you need an unintended, unexpected Fillip to inspire you again for you to escape your meaningless…The best love ballad ever brings to you this Unintended wonder which airy chords take you high and high…And suddenly you find the Uno, the one that spins your head with a breathtaking tango!...but there are so many Unos in the corridor full of doors leading to nowhere… your hysteria is getting to its peak when you all of a sudden wake up in fever and realize you are sick again and again...


Dharmist said...

Manu! I have naver thought of "Showbiz" from that perspective before, thanks for sharing it with us :)

And my all-times favorite is "Uno" - so passionate and full of loathing at the same time ))