Subsonica - L'eclissi (2007)

Well, I understand, that most of you don’t know anything about Subsonica and you are surprised about this. But wait a minute! We are going to talk about a very special band and it will be right to say “Fasten your seatbelts!”: Oops, you say you prefer music in English? Hmmm… It’s a bad day for you then because we are all in Italiano mood tonight, ladies and gentlemen!
Yes, founded in 1996, this band is originally from Italy, Turin (somewhere there in the north). They are presenting the most bright, active, noisy and beautiful sides of their city habitants. This band is as far from any known standards as possible. They make much noise with their music but avoid from any kind of rumours and scandals (but if you dig deeper, you’ll see they have quite interesting biographies and are quite interesting figures), they live with their music we can say. Five members of the band are quite old, the youngest is only 35 years old, but oh yes, they are more than competitive with any young project/band! Even more further.. much further!
Presenting electronic, alternative rock, electrofunk.. but how relevant they are to these styles, YOU should decide listening to their latest album – L’eclissi, released in 2007.
Personally me first time heard them without understanding any single word, but believe me, these guys worked it out so well that I was jumping up to the ceiling! And then guided by a natural interest, I tried to figure out at least the meanings of the song titles.

L’eclissi – Eclipses

1. Veleno – poison
2. Ali Scure – Dark Wing
3. La Glaciazione – Glaciations (by the way, the first single from the album)
4. L’ultima Risposta – The Last Answer
5. Il centro Della Fiamma – In The Centre Of The Flame
6. Nei Nostri Luoghi – At our places
7. Quattrodieci – Fourteen
8. Piombo – Plumb
9. Alta Voracita – High Voracity
10. Alibi – Alibi
11. Cananero –Black Dog
12. Stagno – Tin
Quite rhythmic and loaded album. Talking about each and every song separately would be useless. Just need to listen and meanwhile you cannot just stand still, it makes you move and waking different feelings. For example, some of you might be so excited that can take painting colours (the most important thing is that there should be lots of colours), run outside and throw it with the energy on people :D (can happen while listening to Quattrodieci).. Not obligatory, but should be fun!
About sound: I can say they broke the border of alternative rock and electronic music. Too many and different sounds. Maybe that’s why they are not fit just in indie rock.. Hmm.. wouldn’t come out because before gathering they did lots of stuff connected with other styles, starting from reggae finishing with metal!

Saying that this album of the band should be enough to like or understand them, would be difficult, because every album is unique and not having them in your media library is a crime!
Since 1997 they produced 5 albums: Subsonica, Microchip Emozionale, Amorematico, Terrestre and L’eclissi: So, you have a wide choice just in case L’eclissi is not enough! Stay in positive!
Alla prossima volta;)



Manu said...

they are a source of pure energy and can be good for any kind of mood, as afterwards you have your "batteries" loaded!