What next? My crazy week has just started!

Hey-ho, indiez! How are you doing? Classes? Exams? Conferences? Work? :)
It's been 2 wonderful week since Indie Libertines blog is back to normal, and I would say, it feels just wonderful! We have 5 active contributors and 2 more to join in October! Who's next? Hehe :)

By the way, if you want to join us, just drop a comment to this post ;)

So what's going on in the team now? Well, we are listening to music.. lots of music, believe me. And most of us are stuck on the new album of Muse! Yes, The Resistance is really a wonderful one, isn't it? By the way, soon you will find a review on it in our blog.

As for me personally, I just want to share my plans for this week. It's going to be awesome and so f**king exciting! First, I am going to see Jet live in Köln tomorrow already.

Then I'm off to Oktoberfest in Münich, whohoooo!!!

And finally my rocking week ends with a concert of an awesome band from UK. They were my favourites a few years ago and I still listen to their music and I really like them: it's Starsailor!

So, 3 great events this week, but no time to write about it, because the next week I'm off to a conference!!! ahahahahah.. Maybe I will give you some short updates or photo reports, but the full reviews will be available on the blog in 2 weeks. And yeah, I still owe you a review of a WONDERFUL concert of The Notwist and Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra.

So, what I need upcoming days is:
  • A good camera
  • Lots of cool people around
  • And TIME, please :D
Have a nice week and stay tuned for updates!!! :)

Yours truly