Muse - Eurasia has united!!!

Summer is very hot when you are in the northern hemisphere, so a funny idea for spending time in these boring days before holidays is a treasure hunt. Especially if it is organized by the rock band Muse!
Yes, it’s true. Muse have launched a global treasure hunt for a song of their new album “The Resistance”. Six USB sticks have been hidden in Berlin, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Moscow, Paris and Dubai and each of them contained a code which must be entered into the new website
Fans of Europe and Asia could act as if agents looking for the sticks and resolving the puzzle. Every time a USB stick is picked up, the code can be unlocked and a piece of the new song “United States of Eurasia” could be heard on the website.

So now that all the USB sticks are found the song is released for a free download!

But the final phase of this game was set in New York. US fans were deciding whether or not to recognize the newborn Eurasia....and the final answer was…Yes! Eurasia has been recognized! So, the resistance was not moved and Muse released also “Collateral Damage”, a Chopin tribute featured in the same track.

Surely Muse aren’t the first to start a traesure hunt for a song (just remember Year Zero by NIN) but that’s of course, a nice way to promote the new forthcoming album (14 September), also supported by using Twitter (

Most of the Muse fans say that United States of Eurasia sounds like Queen! Actually likeness is obvious.

An intro like Bohemien Rhapsody, guitars as in We are the champions and an end that seems like Bycicle race.

According to Mathew’s words, The Resistance will be a sort of a rock orchestral album.

We have to wait just another 2 weeks for listening at the radio the first single Upraising…

Ciao belli!


AureJustAure! said...

Cacchio non avevo capito che il primo singolo fosse Upraising! That's sounds great!

Giorgio said...

translation for not italian people: "damn! i did not understood that Upraising will be the first single"
lol :D