What next? My crazy week has just started!

Hey-ho, indiez! How are you doing? Classes? Exams? Conferences? Work? :)
It's been 2 wonderful week since Indie Libertines blog is back to normal, and I would say, it feels just wonderful! We have 5 active contributors and 2 more to join in October! Who's next? Hehe :)

By the way, if you want to join us, just drop a comment to this post ;)

So what's going on in the team now? Well, we are listening to music.. lots of music, believe me. And most of us are stuck on the new album of Muse! Yes, The Resistance is really a wonderful one, isn't it? By the way, soon you will find a review on it in our blog.

As for me personally, I just want to share my plans for this week. It's going to be awesome and so f**king exciting! First, I am going to see Jet live in Köln tomorrow already.

Then I'm off to Oktoberfest in Münich, whohoooo!!!

And finally my rocking week ends with a concert of an awesome band from UK. They were my favourites a few years ago and I still listen to their music and I really like them: it's Starsailor!

So, 3 great events this week, but no time to write about it, because the next week I'm off to a conference!!! ahahahahah.. Maybe I will give you some short updates or photo reports, but the full reviews will be available on the blog in 2 weeks. And yeah, I still owe you a review of a WONDERFUL concert of The Notwist and Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra.

So, what I need upcoming days is:
  • A good camera
  • Lots of cool people around
  • And TIME, please :D
Have a nice week and stay tuned for updates!!! :)

Yours truly


Coldplay - Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends (June 11, 2008)

Coldplay is one of those bands that are meant to create definitely winning songs and definitely you're not gonna be able to resist them no matter whether you are listening to any kind of rock, pop, or jazz. They are irresistibly melodic, unbelievably soft and deep and are usually totally approved by musical critiques and fans. Seems this can only happen when you talk about a pop band. But what they have common with a pop band is their perfect ability to keep up with the current mood and musical preferences. In the meantime they remain unique and experimental, not primitive which is again justified by their latest album Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends. And of course Chris's velvet vocal has far not an insignificant role in all this success. Another reason for remembering this brilliant band is their recent "Strawberry Swing" wonderful innovative clip release on September 14.
The red line in their new album is historical spirit present in all of the songs both in terms of the music and lyrics: there is some pattern of majesty and "British Highness" in most of the songs. This is probably reasoned by Chris Martins' intensive reading of Dickens during the creation of the songs. There is also an evident influence of eastern culture on many songs such as Lovers in Japan, Yes. Yes has eastern solo parts performed by a violin that add an inner spice to the song besides you can feel Chris Martin's vocal change from high falsetto to sighing mumbling which is no less attractive and beautiful though. The song has a very different "whispering" outro. Death and all his friends is a really "chameleon" song that changes so often that in case you listened it part by part you would never guess these were parts of the same song. It is a very nice and despite the name positively sounding song with very surrealistic lyrics "I don't want to cycle or recycle revenge I don't want to follow death and all his friends".
There comes sweet, sunny, lovable, romantic flowery and ...Strawberry Swing. This song is so pure just like the source pouring in a green fine meadow bringing you the real feeling of a perfection and harmony. The guitar solo is so beautiful and all the song is so wonderful that in case i never heard Coldplay before i would ADORE them due to only this song.

Violet Hill, the "darkest" (if one can say so) in this album both in terms of the philosophical lyrics and "heavier" music is a song-masterpiece: a very strong and expressive, in terms of visual associations that are quite emphasized in this song particularly. Lost! is a very "dancy" with the African style drums and organ sound unusual combination. A very catchy song with again wonderful lyrics making you think and rethink...
Lovers in Japan is another oriental song with interesting effect of a "badly tuned" instrument's sound. The song suddenly stops in the middle and flows into a gentle piano solo.
42 has a changing nature as well: it starts in a rather Coldplay style manner: with a traditional piano playing softly in the background. Then it turns into a more aggressive instrumental solo and changes totally with Chris singing ironic "You didn't get to heaven but you made it close" managing to change back to the beginning part motives at the very end. Cemeteries of London sounds very similar to the "House of the rising sun" melody and to me it's the least appealing song in the album yet it is a great song taken as separate. Life in technicolor II is a very motivating, inspiring song with a cute video having the band members as puppets playing for the kids. It makes you feel a rush of thousands of imaginary colors penetrating in you together with the song's sounds...
Viva la Vida is very corresponding to it's name and being the first single totally transfers the album general mood. It has a "big" sound and medieval spirit with its chimes and orchestral swells it describes the tragedy of a person thrown out of a throne.
In general this album is very positive, optimistic and upraising having more "active" and less "sleepy, cold" songs as usually Coldplay albums do and is much more visual. It is a real proof of Coldplay's ability of always staying interesting, new and wonderful making their songs worth saying Long Life Coldplay, a.k.a. Viva Coldplay!

1. "Life in Technicolor"
2. "Cemeteries of London"
3. "Lost!"
4. "42"
5. "Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love"
6. "Yes" (includes hidden track "Chinese Sleep Chant")
7. "Viva la Vida"
8. "Violet Hill"
9. "Strawberry Swing"
10. "Death and All His Friends"

And don't forget to fall into a fairy tale of Strawberry Swing ...


Subsonica - L'eclissi (2007)

Well, I understand, that most of you don’t know anything about Subsonica and you are surprised about this. But wait a minute! We are going to talk about a very special band and it will be right to say “Fasten your seatbelts!”: Oops, you say you prefer music in English? Hmmm… It’s a bad day for you then because we are all in Italiano mood tonight, ladies and gentlemen!
Yes, founded in 1996, this band is originally from Italy, Turin (somewhere there in the north). They are presenting the most bright, active, noisy and beautiful sides of their city habitants. This band is as far from any known standards as possible. They make much noise with their music but avoid from any kind of rumours and scandals (but if you dig deeper, you’ll see they have quite interesting biographies and are quite interesting figures), they live with their music we can say. Five members of the band are quite old, the youngest is only 35 years old, but oh yes, they are more than competitive with any young project/band! Even more further.. much further!
Presenting electronic, alternative rock, electrofunk.. but how relevant they are to these styles, YOU should decide listening to their latest album – L’eclissi, released in 2007.
Personally me first time heard them without understanding any single word, but believe me, these guys worked it out so well that I was jumping up to the ceiling! And then guided by a natural interest, I tried to figure out at least the meanings of the song titles.

L’eclissi – Eclipses

1. Veleno – poison
2. Ali Scure – Dark Wing
3. La Glaciazione – Glaciations (by the way, the first single from the album)
4. L’ultima Risposta – The Last Answer
5. Il centro Della Fiamma – In The Centre Of The Flame
6. Nei Nostri Luoghi – At our places
7. Quattrodieci – Fourteen
8. Piombo – Plumb
9. Alta Voracita – High Voracity
10. Alibi – Alibi
11. Cananero –Black Dog
12. Stagno – Tin
Quite rhythmic and loaded album. Talking about each and every song separately would be useless. Just need to listen and meanwhile you cannot just stand still, it makes you move and waking different feelings. For example, some of you might be so excited that can take painting colours (the most important thing is that there should be lots of colours), run outside and throw it with the energy on people :D (can happen while listening to Quattrodieci).. Not obligatory, but should be fun!
About sound: I can say they broke the border of alternative rock and electronic music. Too many and different sounds. Maybe that’s why they are not fit just in indie rock.. Hmm.. wouldn’t come out because before gathering they did lots of stuff connected with other styles, starting from reggae finishing with metal!

Saying that this album of the band should be enough to like or understand them, would be difficult, because every album is unique and not having them in your media library is a crime!
Since 1997 they produced 5 albums: Subsonica, Microchip Emozionale, Amorematico, Terrestre and L’eclissi: So, you have a wide choice just in case L’eclissi is not enough! Stay in positive!
Alla prossima volta;)



thenewno2 - You Are Here (August 1, 2008)

I believe I'm not the only person who started listening to thenewno2 just because one of the Beatles juniors was said to be involved in it. Back then the project had only a promo EP released, which consisted of four beautiful tracks and immediately found its place in my playlist for months. It was a real revelation for me - discovering that George Harrison's son wouldn't go playing some outdated old-fashioned music as many would have expected, especially after hearing what two sons of another late Beatle used to play. On the contrary, Dhani Harrison surprised me with contemporary sound and wonderfully up-to-date musical trends that may have been originally based on what his father has invented, but eventually evolved into techniques that mark the indie rock as we know it today.

But let's be fair though: thenewno2 is a project of two, not just Dhani. Oliver Hecks is a multi-instrumentalist who's also done all the art-works and designs for the project, came up with concepts for videos and had them filmed. Also, band's first album You Are Here was based on demos written by both Oli and Dhani. Several songs from the album were available as a free download on the Rock Band music video game series, the rest of them were sold via iTunes. One of the most remarkable tracks from the album is, undoubtedly, Another John Doe, which brings up social issues and would've been something late George Harrison would approve. This topic goes throughout the whole LP just like a thin red line, sometimes almost invisibly, but yet it's still possible to sense it on some level, while the visible one is full of casual words about love and relationship. Yomp, for instance, is one like that: 

I would also mark out Crazy Tuesday and Wind Up Dead as memorable songs, although the album is mostly written in the same style which makes it hard to pick out songs. However, I'd strongly advise to listen to the bonus tracks, too, with People being my personal favorite. And it's a real pity Choose What You're Watching never made it to the album, for it would perfectly fit into You Are Here. I do expect it to be included into thenewno2's next LP, hoping the latter will be released someday soon. But before that - there's a whole album to savour, so - let's! 

thenewno2 links: Official site | Myspace | Twitter | Facebook


Coldplay - Parachutes (July 10, 2000)

Talkin' about Coldplay with my friends today, I found out one thing: most of friends of mine didn't heard about them till "Viva La Vida..." Was so shocked, and decided to make a post about "the early years" of Coldplay: PARACHUTES.

While you're listening this album, you forget about your city, your job... So calm, so light, you can't find any song in there that can make you even dance. You only have to lay down on your bed and fall asleep after "Everything Not Lost".

So let's review each song of PARACHUTES:

1. Don't Panic. I dunno why, but Chris Martin had decided to make THIS song the opening one. It's one of the Coldplay's songs I can dismiss and make no mistake... Whatever, it's my opinion...

2. Shiver. Forget all of the words about the opening track, and you can listen to this song 2 or 3 times, and you'd not get tired of it... This song reminds me OASIS' "Listen Up": so sticky and "delicious"... ahh, forgot one thing: this song was their first single... *)

3. Spies. This song is the longest song on the album (after "Everything's Not Lost"). But you could not notice it... It's slow, it's long, but you'll be lookin' for your time that passed by you with the fantastic speed... Love the songs like this one...

4. Sparks. The best Coldplay's song ever... No comment...

5. Yellow. The song without any sense in a lyrics, but it's so good, it's so bright, so yummy... so YELLOW!!!

6. Trouble. The second bad song in this album, so pop, it's full of piano and overemotioned Chris' vocals, so disappointing... But if you want to get a full impression of PARACHUTES, don't "fast forward" this song and listen to it till the end...

7. Parachutes. A 46 seconds "spit" (love this word), but I think if this song was longer, even if it was 1 minute song, it'd be boring...

8. High Speed. My brother turned this song on when we were driving in his car at night. I felt how my brother's foot started to push the gear harder and harder... Dangerous song if you're driving in a car.*) If you are disappointed by tracks 1-7, this song will bring you back. Back to the earphones... Calm and fresh tune...

9. We Never Change. A bad song #3... It reminds me Oasis' "Sad Song", so simple, so sad (wow! *)), so primitive, and Chris' vocals are so pressing, so emotionally hard... I'd better go on reviewing... the last song, "Everything's Not Lost". I like it like I like (like to speak this way*)) "Sparks". This track is the longest in the album (7.16..), I never felt this time, I enjoyed the song, where all of "ingredients" are balanced and there's no "OVERs".

Whatever I said in this post, we should accept one thing: COLDPLAY had a good start, had a good growth, and have not so good (for me and not for all) present...

Love each other and don't forget about your mums... Love u so much...

In a bit... DOYS.


Lightspeed Champion - Falling Off the Lavender Bridge (January 21, 2008)

Let's say that listening to music is like baking a cake. First you have to get the igredients so you go to the nearest "last.fm" store and get them. You see the Arctic Monkeys eggs and put them into your cart, because you know they are essential to prepare your cake. As you stroll around the shop you also grab Muse milk, Franz Ferdinand sugar, Oasis flour, The Strokes baking powder and they all land next to the eggs.
"I guess that's all..." you think to yourself as you make your way to the checkout.

But on your way you pass the fresh fruit stand and decide to make your cake more original. That's why the raspberries (Florence + the Machine), The Moldy Peaches (they're not really moldy) and Shout Out Louds strawberries get to your cart as well.

What I mean by this is that sure, the mainstream bands I mentioned required to bake the cake are really important for the indie/alternative genre, but you eventually get bored of listening to them all the time and hearing them on the radio over and over again. Many people are content with a plain cake, but some want to get something more refined. Therefore they remove blindfolds from their eyes (or plugs from their ears) and go just a bit deeper into the shop. And that's how they find "the fruits".

And so the fruit I'd like to tell you about is the Lightspeed Champion, a solo project of former Test Icicles member, Devote Hynes, who literally took my heart with the speed of light. The first time I got to hear about his solo act was when my friend played for me the "Stay the Fuck Away From Me" record by the man. I was expecting something noisy, hard and annoying, like I'd found the music of Test Icicles, but to my great positive surprise I heard a nice acoustic ballad-kind of song about being dumped. As it's my cup of tea, (not being dumped, but acoustic ballads) I decided to get further acquainted with Dev's project and so I found the "Falling Off The Lavender Bridge" 2008 album. With much softer sound filled with violins, acoustic guitars, nice female vocals provided by Emmy the Great, Dev definitelly cut himself off his musical Test Icicles past to reborn as the Lightspeed Champion.

The album was recorded in Nebraska with the help of Mike Mogis, an important figure who contributed much to the releases of the Saddle Creek label (most notably Bright Eyes records). Mike Mogis ended up playing on the album alongside The Faint drummer Clark Beachle, trumpet and pianist Nate Walcott (one of the permenent members of Bright Eyes) and of course the lovely aforementioned, Emmy the Great. They all created a rich, original, cinematic sound.

Ok, we already know, more or less, about the general sound of the album, but what about the lyrics? Now it's a little bit different here, as Dev sings of cold sweat, licking open wounds, chocking, vomiting into someone's mouth and other "jolly" things. Some of the titles are also very appealing ("Let the Bitches Die" or "All to Shit"). I generalized the sound, now i will generalize the climate of the album - it's depressing... very depressing and miserable, but probably as long as you don't pay attention to what he sings about, but how he sings this you may not get too blue, 'cause Dev's vocal is good. Not "Rufus-Wainwright-operetic-sort-of-way-good, but "in-his-own, interesting-way-good". Dev happens to sing out of tune, but you can tell he sings out of his heart which not always hits the right notes. There is quite a contrast between nearly, you can say, merry tunes and morose lyrics. But it's not flamboyant or flagrant. It's ironic. And as Oscar Wilde once said that irony is the highest level of intelligence (he didn't say this literally though).

So here we have the track list:

1. "Number One"

2. "Galaxy Of the Lost"

Somehow I find this song the catchiest of all songs on the album. That's the one covering most of the happy topics like the open wounds, poison, being sick etc. Nonetheless that's my fave on the album. Florence + the Machine did a great cover of that song, which is worth mentioning.

3. "Tell Me What It's Worth"

Also a pretty good one, that one on the other hand is probably the deepest song. According to Dev, it's about the verbal abuse he suffers from people of his own race.

4. "All to Shit"

A short and definite one. A bit like a bridge I might say. Dev sings about a ruined relationship. Not a very bright song though.

5. "Midnight Surprise"

The longest one, but which is pretty surprising it doesn't get even a tiny bit boring.

6. "Devil Tricks for a Bitch"

I really enjoy that song, because of the lovely violin in the background and the calm climate, which doesn't really suit the topic of the song.

7. "I Could Have Done This Myself"

Nice change of pace in that track. Although the song's short it's a bit boring and the beginning to get more amusing towards the end.

8. "Salty Water”

I like the calm atmosphere of that song and the piano, but I'm not a big fan of this kind of echoed vocals.

9. "Dry Lips"

"Dry Lips" has a rather obvious meaning. I wouldn't say I don't like that song, but I can't say it's catchy and memorable. The music in the background annoys me a bit, but maybe it's just me.

10. "Everyone I Know Is Listening to Crunk"

My second favourite on the "Falling off The Lavender Bridge". It seems like it's personal and the lyrics are simple, yet beautiful. Love it.

11. "Let the Bitches Die"

that song differs form the others as its lyrics are actually happy, whereas the music is depressing.

12. “No Surprise (For Wendela)/Midnight Surprise)”

Plus the bonus CD with covers includes:

1. "Never Meant to Hurt You" (Good Shoes cover)

I like Dev's vocals much more than The Good Shoes's singer, who seems to shout a bit too much. Better than the original.

2. "Souvenirs" (Patrick Wolf cover)

I'm a big fan of Patrick Wolf, but once again I have to say Dev's version is better. Somehow I can never listen to that song till the end when Patrick sings it. This version seems to be a bit more "bright" then the original. All you Patrick Wolf lovers probably know what I mean.

3. "Flesh Failures" (from the musical "Hair")

Nice one, though i don't really like the female vocals. But the guitar makes up for that.

4. "Xanadu" (Olivia Newton-John cover)

Unfortunately I don't like either the cover or the original. The melody is too jolly and "naive".

I'm not going to further describe every track to you, as this is the best part of listening to new music - interpreting and discovering it by yourself. So feel free to dicover Lightspeed Champion. You have the green, or should I say, lavender light.

Pszyk xx


Muse - Showbiz (April 28, 2000)

All the globe is now in "museomania" and their new album is the one most looked forward to perhaps among boys and girls of all possible generations everywhere! I am a part of that crazy crowd too and just can’t wait to absorb another portion of muse hysteria that will live forever in my mind. But as far as the new album is not out yet (officially on September 14) I re-listen to their older albums and among them has its own irreplaceable place- Showbiz, their first album. This is where all started…this is when we all got sick with Muse…So what it was that made us sick?

First, you get a Sunburn feeling the sun spreading its rays right under your skin with Mathew’s piercing vocal first entering into your world and making you feel you never heard anything weirder before. Now hold on! You’re sunburnt but your temperature is something close to 37 C, you’re not sick yet. Just a flu.

Soon you feel you start trembling from a fever as your muscles weaken and you know Muscle Museum started with it's bass march! “I don’t want you to adore me I don’t want you to ignore me!” is what is on your mind but it’s too late! You already ADORE them...! And even the ending pleading solo, kneeling and begging, can't keep you from getting sick…Don’t try to resist it even if all around repeat “Hate this and I’ll love you”...

Now you are already about 38 C and to get cooler you run to a Cave…But there, in the cave all the possible energy and heat that a guitar can produce “burns your heart away…” and then makes it melt with a soul catching outro solo so beautiful you can’t even grasp it. You madly run out of the cave and when your temperature is already close to 40C you feel you need to make it start Falling down. The temperature falls down a bit due to a pretty bluesy lullaby and you have a sweet sleep…but then! You suddenly wake up by crazy drum roll of and feel perfectly Sober! You are ready to return to your normal life with normal work, normal people and normal feelings...But then you feel you have been controlling your feelings for too long and you are ready to return to Museomania to get sick again to lead yourself to a self destruction… Showbiz expresses the real scream of your soul trying to get out of its cage! You continue your escape from this “normal” life by listening to Escape.

This philosophically perfect song tells you can’t escape your own insignificance and brings to you thoughts of the meaning of life and the truth and love and passion and sense! But all these feelings are already Overdue…You then realize you need an unintended, unexpected Fillip to inspire you again for you to escape your meaningless…The best love ballad ever brings to you this Unintended wonder which airy chords take you high and high…And suddenly you find the Uno, the one that spins your head with a breathtaking tango!...but there are so many Unos in the corridor full of doors leading to nowhere… your hysteria is getting to its peak when you all of a sudden wake up in fever and realize you are sick again and again...


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Baby 81 (April 30, 2007)

Each time I turned on Baby 81 to start reviewing it - I ended up dancing in my bedroom with music set on the highest volume and some really distracted neighbors deciding which one of them should kill me when they happen to have a chance. And - as you're reading this - just keep in mind that it takes a whole lot of effort to be sitting still when this music is playing loud.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club has always been one of the bands that are somehow all in one. You can't really say what influenced them most - was that the 70s wave of British Invasion, or pure american folk rock, maybe? Oh, wait, it's got to be Nirvana! And Sex Pistols! Aerosmith spiced up with britpop genius! And all that mixed up with some bluesy mood, post-rock sound and the beat that you simply cannot help but dance to. And while you're wondering, you'll suddenly find yourself all into their music, not getting tired of it even for a blink of an eye.

Baby 81 is a great example. Mixed-up genres, so much emotion and guitar riffs that may easily get you hypnotized. Took Out a Loan starts with a typical Jimi Hendrix tune smoothly turning into pure B.R.M.C. as we know it. Yet you empathize, you keep dancing. You feel the desperation, but you also feel the energy and know it'll be the one to take over. You want to go singing Berlin on streets, you grab a guitar to play along with Weapon of Choice, and you know you would support any politician whose words were half as relevant as those lyrics. "So how's it going to feel? When you don't know what's real..", sings Peter Hayes, as you're suddenly confused with all the emotional levels you discover with each song.

And as the album plays on, I better not torture myself any more and start torturing the neighbors instead: for this music has been written for listening, not talking - it says it all. Because - "I needed more, and I needed more, but this is more than I ever wanted to believe in". Sorry for the lousy review, my head is really out of thoughts and all ears instead. But - hey, you should try it yourself sometimes! ;)


Wintersleep - Untitled (February 15, 2005)

There has been a lot of fuss around the recent releases by artists like Arctic Monkeys, Modest Mouse, Florence + the Machine and such. Basically, that's all I've been hearning about in the last couple of months and I was literally bombed by all the new songs, changes of sound and image, debutes (...) . Therefore I decided to go back to 2005 and reminisce the Wintersleep's untitled album. Summer's ending in a couple of weeks, and soon it will be time to dig out our autumn coats, scarves and mittens and prepare for "dark" evenings with a mug of hot tea or cocoa (don't you just love it? :)). But to fully get the atmosphere of what I'm talking about you, of course, need the right tunes. And that's when turning on Wintersleep is essential!

The four-piece indie rock band came to life in 2001 in the Canadian city of Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia (so much info in one sentence!) and the album I'd love to tell you about was released 4 years later on 15 February. I'm not going to ramble on about their other releases, lables and band members, not to bore you to death.Ok, what's so special about the CD? I found a quote that perfectly matches my impressions:
"Ambitious and remarkably accessible. Not since Eric's Trip has a Canadian band managed to so successfully combine music that's both head-smashingly heavy and heart-achingly delicate."
(FFWD, Calgary)
Whoever said this expressed my thoughts a hundred times better than I would ever do. There are lots of different sounds on that CD, but they are kept in one sort of (this may sound stupid, but that's what it reminds me of) cinammon-tea-in-a-candlelit-room atmosphere. Paul Murphy's voice makes you want to lie down on a soft bed, close your eyes and just listen to it with a face of delight, but when Loel Campbell enters you get immediatly woken up by his his sharp percussion. Not forgetting about the guitar... oh, it's amazing! Once it's beautiful and delicate just to turn into breath-takingly heavy guitar riffs. The lyrics are simple, yet beautiful. And when Paul sings them... it just make you want to cry (in a positive way, of course). The real highlights of the album are "Jaws of Life", "Danse Macabre" and "Nerves Normal, Breath Normal". I love the drums in the first song I mentioned. It's a nice change of pace after "Lipstick", which opens the album. "Danse Macabre" is probably the heaviest of the songs listed on the "Untitled" and it makes me want to sing along. "Nerves Normal, Breath Normal" is quite long, but somehow doesn't bore me at all. It's perfectly balanced and calm.

Track list:

2."Jaws of Life"
4."Nerves Normal, Breath Normal"
5."Faithful Guide"
6."Danse Macabre"
8."Listen (Listen, Listen)"
10."A Long Flight"
11."People Talk"

Generally, the album is very mature and natural in comparison to band's previous self-titled release of 2003... and the cover art kicks ass! Ah, now, as I told you about the band I can sleep soundly. Feel free to check them out! :)

Pszyk xx


Editors pick: July-September

So many albums were releases during last weeks, huh? And there are many to come. So, let's just review my pick.

Blur - Midlife: A Beginner's Guide to Blur (June 15, 2009)

Starflyer 59 - Ghosts Of The Past (July 28, 2009)

Modest Mouse - No One's First And You're Next (August 4, 2009)

Mew - No More Stories / Are Told Today / I'm Sorry / They Washed Away / No More Stories / The World Is Grey / I'm Tired / Let's Wash Away (August 17, 2009)

Jet - Shaka Rock (August 21, 2009)

Arctic Monkeys - Humbug (August 24, 2009)

And of course, many of us looking forward to September 14th. Exactly!

Muse - The Resistance

These will be the albums we will focus mainly on during upcoming weeks.

Yours truly, Gaya.


Arctic Monkeys - Humbug (August 24, 2009)

You have been waiting for this album for too long and now you have it. What do you think about it?

It hasn’t been a month since the release of Humbug but there is a huge buzz around the new image and sound of Arctic Monkeys. But let’s see why it was such a big surprise for everyone.

The first impressions I got when first heard Humbug:

  • They have a new sound.
  • They are darker.
  • There is no energy.

But... listening again and again I realised that everything is in its right place.

  • Yes, they have a new sound and of course they needed it. This is the band’s 3rd album and if it sounded like the previous ones, would it be original? I don’t think they changed their sound, it’s just an evolution. They are getting older (f**k, Alex is the same age as me! :D) and sounding the same would mean no progress if not even regress!
  • Darker? Are you sure? Have a listen to the previous ones again.. For example, If You Were There Beware. Well, it was not an obvious red line in the albums but it WAS there. Now it’s spread all over the album. Another era in Arctic Monkeys discography. No more teenager songs! Well, it’s sad at one point, but it’s getting interested. I would call this album a bit psycho..
  • There is no energy: this was the first impression I got listening to Crying Lightning. But when I got the whole album, I realized that there IS energy but in a different way. It’s hidden far behind and you have to search for it to get it! It’s not in the tempo, drums, guitars or vocals any more. It’s hidden in the whole record: you can feel it in your subconsciousness. Weird, huh? J

What scares me more in the album is the intimacy of the lyrics, like Cornerstone. The whole album is a story of a person who is lost in everything and just watches what other people are doing and remembering everything to put in the songs later. Sometimes the watcher reminds me of a ghost or a high guy. Did you notice the similarity of Potion Approaching to Very Ape of Nirvana? Weird, weird, weird.. Can't make this tought go away! And the ballads are very touchy like Fire And The Thud.

In one word, this is a real cornerstone in Arctic Monkeys discography. They did it the right time and in a right way. They changed everything, beginning from Alex’s hairstyle finishing on the music concept. And we have to listen to it yet too much to get it fully. For me it's not enough yet! It’s a pity the album isn’t a dance floor hit but it’s in my playlist every day!

Yours truly


Franz Ferdinand - Tonight (January 27, 2009)

The cover of Franz Ferdinand’s new album released on January 27 reminds of a frame from 50s movies. Just look at the scene and their appearance! Looks like they just have been thrown out of a disco club in Chicago.. Of course because of bad behaving. :)
- Don’t mind, boys, keep up! We’re going to record our new album! – perhaps that’s what Alex Kapranos said then. – We’ll see who will dance to whose music.
And so, since the second half of 2007, no matter all the rumors about the splitting of the band (even Russian newspapers were writing that the band is keeping silence for too long already), they starting the recording. And now we got the album of one of the most indie bands, more than that, it’s double! The first part is entitled Tonight, easy, fun and danceable. Yes, this very evening Franz Ferdinand is playing, let’s join the party!
If you don’t have a habit of listening to albums from the end to beginning , then you will be stuck on “la la la la la” tune. You see, Ulysses, the first single, is like a dialogue. Once you like it, you will sing it the whole week: ‘La la la la la, Ulysses, I found a new way...”
Turn It On – a rhythmic song about alone but not giving-up lover. He states in the song “If I can’t have you, then nobody can”. I don’t think being so much self-sure is a good idea or useful.
In general, the album is full of boy-girl stories. The band chose a hero that has winds in his mind, and they sing in his person. Look, the second single – No You Girls: they repeat all the time: “No you girls never know how the boy feels...” But the song is so light and pleasant, that you will never pay attention to the words. Almost the same is in Send Him Away. Don’t know why, but when you listen to Twilight Omens, it seems something has changed. It’s the same style, no bother and in dance mood but more attractive and harmonic.. but you can disagree.
You know, if the album wasn’t entitled Tonight, then it would be Bite Hard. This fact will gain your attention, and you will try to find out what the song is about.
While you are busy with Bite Hard, Franz Ferdinand will ask you several questions with What She Came For, but no matter if you answer them or no, it won’t change anything in the dancing mood. Passing by electronic Live Alone... And here is Can’t Stop Feeling, the third single, again in person of the lonely hero with broken soul. The next is Lucid Dream, then Dream Again, and here everything will calm down suddenly. Yes, everybody is tired and thinking about dreaming. But don’t hurry! At the end, when it seems that everything is lost after this crazy botherless night.. there is a nice kind ballad – Katherine Kiss Me. Here is the hero of the party – Katherine. Yes, the whole party was devoted to her. At least we should think so..
Ok, now it’s time to remind you that this is a double album. The second part is called Blood, where you can find some remixes from Tonight. This is where you can test yourself if you were listening to the album attentively. The sound is good, you won’t be bored.
As you see, the band can’t be proud of meaningful texts that can affect on people’s minds. No, that’s not their style. It’s made for parties, for people who like clubbing and dancing. So I wish you a great time! Make Tonight: Franz Ferdinand a part of your party playlist and you will get a bunch of positive emotions!

Franz Ferdinand-ի նոր` այս տարվա հունվարի 27-ին թողարկված ալբոմի շապիկը կարծես 50-ականների մի որևէ ֆիլմից վերցված կադր լինի:Այդ ամբողջ տեսարանը, նրանց հագուկապը հենց այդ են հիշեցնում:Կարծես` հենց նոր են Չիկագոյի մի որևէ դիսկո ակումբից դուրս նետվել… վատ վարքի համար իհարկե:)))
-Հոգ չէ', տղանե'ր ,մտածու՞մ ես, չեն թողնում իրենց ակումբ … գլուխները բա'րձր, մենք գնում ենք մեր նոր ալբոմը ձայնագրելու,- երևի ասել է Ալեքս Կապրանոսը… -դեռ կտեսնե'նք, թե ով ում երաժշտության տակ կպարի:
Ու այդպես, 2007-ի երկրորդ կեսից սկսած, առանց ուշադրություն դարձնելու այն բոլոր ասեկոսեներին,թե խումբը ձեռքից գնում է (նույնիսկ ռուսական ամսագրերն էին գրում, թե նրանք արդեն շատ երկար են լռում), նրանք սկսեցին ձայնագրման աշխատանքները: Եվ ահա, վերջպես մեր տրամադրության տակ է ներկայիս ամենա indie խմբերից մեկի ալբոմը ու այն էլ` կրկնակի:Ալբոմի առաջին մասը անվանվել է Tonight, որը շատ անմիջական է, հեշտ լսվող, ուրախ ու պարային, և հենց այդ ընդհանուր տրամադրությունն էլ ազդել է անվանման վրա : Այո', հենց այս գիշեր մեզ բոլորիս համար ելույթ կունենա Franz Ferdinand-ը. եկե'ք միանանք նրանց խնջույքին:
Եթե դուք սովորություն չունեք նոր ձայնասկավառակները լսել վերջից դեպի սկիզբ, ուրեմն ձեզ բախտ է վիճակվել ընկնել “լա լա լա լա”-ի ազդեցության տակ. հասկանու՞մ եք, Ulysses-ը, որը թվով առաջին սինգլն է,իրենից ներկայացնում է անմիջական զրույց, որի մի մասն էլ հենց կազմում է լա լա լա լան:Եթե սիրեք այն, ուրեմն մոտակա երկու շաբաթը կերգեք - "La la la la la, Ulysses, I found a new way…"
Turn It On - ռիթմիկ երg լքված, բայց համառ սիրահարի մասին, որը երgի ընթացքում հայտարարում է "If I can’t have you then nobody can" ( բառացի թարgմանած` եթե ես չեմ կարող ունենալ քեզ, ուրեմն ոչ ոք չի կարող).. չեմ կարծում` այդչափ ինքնավստահությունը օգտակար լինի:
Ընդհանրապես ալբոմը լի է աղջիկ-տղա փոխհարաբերությունների մասին պատմություններով: Խումբը ընտրել է մի այնպի հերոս, որի գլխում անընդհատ քամիներ են պտտվում ու հենց այդ խենթ հերսի անունից էլ երգում են:Խնդրեմ, ալբոմի երկրորդ սինգլը` No You Girls. երgում անընդհատ կրկնվում է, որ աղջիկները երբեք չեն իմանա` ինչ են ստիպում զգալ տղային… դե իհարկե, պետք էլ չի… բայց այս ամենը այնքան հաճելի ու թեթև ռիթմ ունի, որ չեք էլ հասցնի ուշադրություն դարձնել բառերին: Send Him Away-ում գրեթե նույն է: Չգիտես` ինչու, նախորդները լսելուց հետո Twilight Omens-ի ժամանակ թվում է, թե ինչ-որ բան փոխվեց. էլի նույն ոճն է ` անհոգ ու պարային, բայց շատ ավելի գրավող ու համահունչ.. կարող եք նաև չհամաձայնել ինձ հետ:
Գիտեք, եթե ալբոմը չանվանվեր Tonight, ուրեմն լինելու էր Bite Hard անունով: Հենց այս փաստ էլ ձեր ուշադրությունը կգրավի հենց սկզբից ու կփորձեք պարզել ինչ երգ է սա: Մինչ դուք զբաղված կլինեք Bite Hard-ով, նրանք What She Came for երգով ձեզ կտան մի քանի հարց. կպատասխանեք, թե` ոչ , միևնույն է, այն չի ազդի պարային ռիթմի վրա: Շատ արագ, էլեկտրոնային երաժշտություն հիշեցնող Live Alone-ով կանցնենք.. Այստեղ Can’t Stop Feeling-ն է` երրորդ սինգլը. նորից միայնակ, կոտրված հոգով հերոսն է երգում: Հաջորդը Lucid Dreams, հետո` Dream Again, որի ժամանակ ամեն ինչ միանգամից կհանդարտվի… այո,բոլորը հոգնել են ու միայն երազելու մասին են մտածում: Բայց մի շտապեք գնալ: Ամենավերջում, երբ թվում էր, թե ամեն ինչ կորած է, այս ամբողջ խառնաշփոթը անհոգ գիշերից հետո… մի շատ լավ, բարի բալլադային երգում` վերնագրված Katherine Kiss Me, կհանդիպեք երեկոյի հերոսուհուն` Քեթրինին… Այո,այս բոլոր երգերը հենց նրան էին ուղղված.. երևի.. ամեն դեպքում տպավորությունն այդպիսին է:
Լավ, ժամանակն է հիշելու, որ վերջիվերջո սա կրկնակի ալբոմ է: Երկրորդ մասը կոչվում է Blood, որտեղ տեղ են գտել Tonight-ի որոշ երգերի remix տարբերակները: Այսպես կարող եք ստուգել, թե որքան ուշադիր եք լսել առաջին մասը: Հնչողությունը լավն է, այնպես որ չեք ձանձրանա:
Ինչպես հասկացաք, խումբը չի կարող հպարտանալ նրանով, որ ստեղծել խորիմաստ մտքերով հարուստ, մարդկանց մտքերի վրա ազդող երաժշտություն: Ոչ, դա պարզապես նրանց ոճով չէ: Սա նախատեսված է խնջույքներ, ակումբներ և պարել սիրող երաժշտասերների համար, այնպես որ մաղթում եմ ուրախ ժամանց. դարձրեք Tonight: Franz Ferdinand-ը ձեր խնջույքի playlist-ի մի մասը և կստանաք մի կույտ դրական լիցքեր:


Indie Libertines are coming back!

Hello readers! I think we have never talked to you directly like this :)

As you could notice we were on vacations and now we are planning to return back. Starting on Monday we will post fresh news, reviews and articles about indie rock. Yes, we are back!

Some announcements:

  • To increase the productivity of Indie Libertines blog we need more contributors. If you are interested, just leave a comment.
  • To make the blog nicer and more branded we need a designer. If you are interested, again, just leave a comment.
Looking forward to see you on our blog again :)

Yours truly, Gaya


Noel Gallagher Quits OASIS

August 29... Opened the Official Oasis Website and fell down of my chair... Noel Gallagher said goodbye to OASIS! His words stuck in my brain, and it's really hard to read it... But here these word are:

"It's with some sadness and great relief to tell you that I quit Oasis tonight. People will write and say what they like, but I simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer.

As of last Friday the 28th August, I have been forced to leave the Manchester rock'n'roll pop group Oasis.

The details are not important and of too great a number to list. But I feel you have the right to know that the level of verbal and violent intimidation towards me, my family, friends and comrades has become intolerable. And the lack of support and understanding from my management and band mates has left me with no other option than to get me cape and seek pastures new.

I would like firstly to offer my apologies to them kids in Paris who'd paid money and waited all day to see us only to be let down AGAIN by the band. Apologies are probably not enough, I know, but I'm afraid it's all I've got.

While I'm on the subject, I'd like to say to the good people of V Festival that experienced the same thing. Again, I can only apologise - although I don't know why, it was nothing to do with me. I was match fit and ready to be brilliant. Alas, other people in the group weren't up to it.

In closing I would like to thank all the Oasis fans, all over the world. The last 18 years have been truly, truly amazing (and I hate that word, but today is the one time I'll deem it appropriate). A dream come true. I take with me glorious memories.

Now, if you'll excuse me I have a family and a football team to indulge.

I'll see you somewhere down the road. It's been a fuckin' pleasure.

Thanks very much.



So, all we can do it's just waiting for Liam's words about the future of the band. Wonder they can go on without Noel "The Great"

In a bit... DOYS...