Arctic Monkeys - Favourite Worst Nightmare (April 18, 2007)

The evolution of music shows us that it lives a periodic life. I mean, we can break time into decades and put heroes of music in each of them. Don't go to far into past, just to remember last decade. In 90s there was a blast of grunge/alternative music which started actually in the late 80s. Not the pioneers, but the leaders of the trend perheps were Nirvana. As a response, British took a revenge, and there was the blossom of brit rock/pop in 90s. Maybe to this we can link also the popularization of indie music, especially indie rock.
But probably the best times of indie rock were yet to come. Indeed, the bands, such as Muse, Placebo, Franz Ferdinand, Klaxons, Kaiser Chiefs, Coldplay and others, are stamped as bands of 00s and surely carrying the tag indie. Yes, folks, the 1st decade of 21st century belongs to indie rock. And Arctic Monkeys had their input in this historical truth.

Refusing dealing with record lables from the very beginning, Arctic Monkeys gained the love and respect of British underground scene by themselves and only after that signing with Domino Records. And even after the huge success of their debute LP - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not (2006), deserving and confirming their status of indie rock kings, Arctic Monkeys were back with a new, sophomore record just after a few months break. Favourite Worst Nightmare is here to prove to you that these guys are staying for long, they have the energy, the drive and they really have something to say.
The first sign that you have your hands on a pure indie rock album is the original sound of the band that you will recognize from thousands of random records. The first thought you always have when you start to listen to a band's second record is the comparison with the debute one. Well, i have some news for you. Take it easy, please, but you have to accept that this record is more dark. Surprised? Then look again on the cover of the album - Favourite Worst Nightmare. The title speaks for itself. Yes, please, get yourself prepared for a nightmare in the middle of the day.
The title of the album came from the song D Is For Dangerous. Speaking about songs, we can state that Arctic Monkeys kept their style of songwriting: the melodies are not very much, but quite easy to remember, but lyrics.. they are so hard to remember! If you think you're a true Arctic Monkeys fan (arctic monkey from now on), then you have to:
  1. Get the lyrics of the songs (preferably from the band's official website),
  2. Read them while listening to the songs, then learning by heart without music, just words.
  3. Now try with music.
  4. Repeat the steps from 1 to 3 in the period of 1 week.
  5. Make a sort of exam for yourself in the front of the mirror with something in your hands instead of microphone (but preferably, microphone itself).
You're done! Now you are ready to go directly to the dancefloor in the party to surprise all your friends with your arctic monkey skills.

Yes, lyrics are the part in the songs where Arctic Monkeys win the battle! Every single song is a story. In some of them Alex Turner is telling about others, in others he is the main hero. Some of them are taken from real life, like Brianstorm. Real indies wouldn't pass by the subject of celebrities (Teddy Picker), and of course, ballads - Only Ones Who Know, Do Me A Favour, 505.

Speaking about the sound of the album, I can mention that in some places it reminds me the sound of The Strokes' Juicebox. It has elements of gangster music, a bit suspicious. Alex is at the top with his perfect pronounciation of his own complain lyrics, having his voice coming out like from a metal tube, with all the rules of reverberation and sound echoes.

Performing not the most positive sound in the album, the rhythmic guitars, strike drums, gangster bass will make you move anytime you hear the songs making it also a dance music. With his innocent appearance of still teenager, strange way to hold the guitar, lost look, Mr. Turner is certainly the big story teller, specialized in nightmares. So before you go to sleep have a doze of your favourite worst nightmare by Arctic Monkeys. Good night and have a nice nightmare!

Truly Yours