We Smoke Fags decided to take a permanent hiatus

A post from Joey from We Smoke Fags:

"Hello, Joey here...
I'm sorry to say that We Smoke Fags have decided to take a permanent hiatus- we never split up, but over the last 6 months we have all individually been working on other projects.
I'd like to say on behalf of all of us - the last three years have been amazing and thank you for your all your support.
We Smoke Fags never really had much exposure in the mainstream music press, yet somehow we managed to gain almost 3 million individual myspace plays, play all over the world (sorry if we didn't make it to your country), release a single and confuse some people along the way... Not bad work for a band that started for fun one 2006 afternoon in a Stockwell bedroom.

What now?

I have formed a new band called Verb Gang...
Lee is currently playing bass with New Young Pony Club.
Harry is forming a new band in the near future but can be found dj-ing his selection of 'Party Classics' in London under the We Smoke Fags banner...

We Smoke Fags

Source: Official MySpace page of We Smoke Fags

We Smoke Fags band members were:

Joey - Vocals/Guitars/programming
Leeroi - Bass/Vocals
Harry - Guitars/Vocals

RIP We Smoke Fags, it was nice to discover you and good luck on new projects!

Yours truly
Gaya, the fan