We Smoke Fags - Eastenders EP (June 16, 2008)

If you are deep into New Rave, probably you will always face the problem of having not enough music. It's a newly born music style and many bands are just starting. And while we wait for the second album of Klaxons, you can listen to newly created bands. And imagine, they are just starting and you can follow them now, from their very first record! What a luck!

We love you, UK! We Smoke Fags - this is the name of another british band that surely could appear in the headlines of all New Rave content. In 2008 they released their first EP - Eastenders.
Consisting of only 2 songs, it promises a great debut album. The single Eastenders is what dance-punk lovers need. With unexpected lyrics, it's a song that you can easily sing along and no doubt can be the hit in the clubs.
Too much money
Not enough intellect..

I sympathize I sympathize
with you
I made my mind, i made my mind
on you
With the lyrics they will surely never win Arctic Monkeys, but you can not call them stupid or senseless. And the band shoot a really rocking video on the song. Bravi!

There is one more song in the EP called Canape Of Love. It's not too impressive, although easy to remember. Comparing to Eastenders, you will probably ignore this song in your playlist of favourites.
Unfortunatelly, the band doesn't have an official web page and there is no content on Wiki, so I guess the band is not active now. But you can find their profile on MySpace.
So, if you are new to New Rave, Eastenders will probably be added to your favourites after you hear it! Waiting for the debut album..
Yours truly, Gaya