Late Of The Pier - Fantasy Black Channel (July 30, 2008)

Probably you have heard this band for the first time at the disco. The DJ surely did the right choice becuase the music of this band won't let your body stand firm but will rock every single cell of it!
But before you get the wrong impression, let me introduce Late Of The Pier to you!
These guys started the band when they were only teenagers. Labled as dance-punk they would seem the most funny figures in indie rock you have probably seen on YouTube recently.. Well, at least judging from Hearbeat and Focker videos.

But they are not only for entertaining on the dancefloor. Fantasy Black Channel will amaze you with its deep but not complicated (aka Arctic Monkeys) lyrics talking about not easy life. Exactly! I mean, literally!

Easy life is it an easy life?
No It's HARD

The Enemy Are The Future

Suicide is in my blood
It always was
but it doesn't evaporate in the light any more
And this world is no place
For a mind or a thought
No its not

Also the band likes to repeat the lines, like in Heartbeat. This line will stuck in your mind for a long-long time!

It's just a line
It's just a line
It's just a line


The most part of the album has been recorded.. guess where? In Sam Eastgate's (vocalist) bedroom. Probably this influenced on the mood of the album. It's more sincere and unpredictable. Leaving alone the fact that they used distorted guitars, dirty bass, synths, Sam also did quite a lot of experiments with his voice, sometimes using hip-hop style, sometimes getting much like the vocal of Matthew Bellamy from Muse. Quite often you have the feeling that Mr. Eastgate's voice is what makes you fall in love with this music. But it's not only mechanical waves in the air but also the electrical impulses. Songs sometimes get weird. Take The Bears Are Coming as an example. The song itself is an electronic work, but sometimes it becomes blues, punk then whatever. But it doesn't make you step back in surprise but feels so natural! Remember the bedroom stuff?

All the songs in the album are a subject of long talks and attention. And depending on your mood/location/ocupation you can choose the appropriate ones!
  1. If you are a DJ, pick Space and The Woods, The Bears Are Coming, Heartbeat, Whitesnake, Focker.
  2. If you like much of instrumental stuff, then go ahead! Hot Tent Blues, VW!
  3. For thinking - Broken, Mad Dogs And Englishmen.
  4. For evening listening - Random Firl, The Enemy Are The Future, Bathroom Gurgle.
But no matter what you choose the innovative sound of Late Of The Pier, easy-to-remember tunes, repeating lines and the crazy true-English accented vocal of the frontman will help you discover another cool and perspective British band!

Yours truly, Gaya


Manu said...

I like this funny thing about the Late of the Pier clips at the end of which they always get their heads exploded!!!

Anonymous said...

One of the best albums I've ever listened to.

Favourite to win Mercury Prize 2009 too! :)

Up LOTP, 10/10!