Jet - The Wild One Killed In Action

Do you like Emperor's New Groove? About the Emperor Kuzco.. Well, do you remember the episode when the lama saves Pacha's life after the collapse of a rope bridge, and he says "aha, aha-aha-aha". This phrase you will remember first after you hear the new song K.I.A. (Killed In Action) of Australian band Jet. Yes, you can get prepared your ears and remind yourself some twist-moves because in August you just HAVE to dance to and sing along with the new album of these Aussies!
After huge success of the first album Get Born in 2003 which became platinum and Shine On in 2006, which was, well, quite weak for the band and did not make any big noise many people, including me, probably were thinking that this band will collapse. Fortunately not! In 2008 they released a tribute cover of Johnny O'Keefe's song The Wild One together with Iggy Pop. The single included the cover version, the original one (remastered) and 2 awesome dance remixes. This release assured all the Jet fans that the band WILL return soon and it will be much more powerful thing than Shine On.
On April, 2009, Jet made K.I.A. available on their official website. And now it's clear that the band will release Shaka Rock, the 3rd studio album, on August 25, 2009. Jet performed some of the new songs live during the concerts in late 2008 and 2009. The first single is announced to be She's a Genius.

Meanwhile K.I.A. having a really crazy drive but not on the highest speed, sounds like a clockwork bomb ready to explode on August 25, 2009! It will be like.. you know.. Tick Tick BOOOOOM!!!

Be aware!

Yours truly