Klaxons - Myths Of The Near Future (January 29, 2007)

New Musical Express (NME) shapes the history of indie rock music and we all know that. And though Klaxons say that all the rumors about New Rave were just a joke, NME still praises them as pioneers of the style. NME killed New Rave in 2008 but still there are too many bands in this genre, just creating their line-ups.. Ok, whatever!
Forming in 2005, this band released only 1 ablum so far, an album which appeared to be a big influence on many other bands!
Myths Of The Near Future, totally futuristic! Representing the stressed and stressing sound of Klaxons, from the first "sight" it seems to be dance music, but too dark. No surprises, Magick is a dancefloor hit! The album is not from the easy listening stuff. Its sound, tunes and melodies change from track to track just "before your eyes"!
The album starts with melodic Two Receivers which creates quite depressive mood with images of stormy weather, lightning, two receivers and the ocean that turns to the space from time to time. Then a rush of beats! Yes, this is Atlantis To Interzone. Not only song but also the video expresses the crazyness and colourful neon mood of Klaxons. And here is where we can find out why the hell they are called Klaxons! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's all about klaxons, alerting devices ;)
Then comes Golden Skans, probably the hit of theirs, which brought them NME Award for Best International Track. And they performed with Rihanna on Brit Awards, playing Golden Skans (only music and the famous "oooooooooh-uuuh") while she was singing Umbrella.

Next, Totem On The Timeline, quite "high" song:

At club 18-30 I met Julius Caesar,
Lady Diana and Mother Theresa.

Then come a few really "annoying" tracks: As Above So Below, Isle Of Her, Gravity's Rainbow and Forgotten Works. Those are really complicated songs worthy to listen to for really cool and sometimes surreal lyrics. Isle Of Her is really a piece of fairy tale, sometimes turning into a nightmare.

There's only seven more miles to go

We'll reach the Isle of Her
We'll find the peacocks tail
We'll steal the mother of pearl
We'll eat the dancing girls

Cyclops gazing alone
Facing mirrors that show
The reflection of his own
Face to face

We're seven miles from shore
Just keep on going

Now some dark dance music with non-sense phrases. Yes, it's Magick! With psychedelic beats turning into melodic bridges, it really can drive you crazy and push into losing the sense of reality. Then it turns into a klaxonfull ballad - It's Not Over Yet. Does it sound familiar? Right, it's a cover of Grace song which was released in 1995.

And here is another epic song, apparently the last one on the album - Four Horsemen of 2012. Personally for me this is really a driving song which I used in a radio commercial for a famous company that produces sportive clothings.

Four Horsemen twenty-twelve...
Klaxons not centaurs!

Despite the strange music, sometimes getting really annoying, Klaxons are the band depending on mood, like Muse. Creating a unique sound, mixing drive with melodic tunes, strike beats and multiple voices, Myths Of The Near Future is a MUST to listen. Go grab your copy!

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Mada said...

I love this record! I got it! and they were amazins on ibiza rocks this year! great guys!