Zemfira - Vendetta (March 1, 2005)

What do we know about Zemfira? This is one of the leading Russian rock bands which was formed in the middle of 90-s by a young, aggressive, cynical but in its own way charming girl (the band was named by her name). In the first period her songs were a little bit simple but urgent. She was singing about A.I.D.S., teenage sexuality, neighbors killing and of course about love. Mounting all that with a pretty interesting arrangement and unique singing style Zemfira soon grew very popular. Anyway let’s not particularize band’s formation. I will just say that Zemfira is a type of artist that projects all her musical and emotional growth into the creation. Exactly that we can see in the album Vendetta.

The first track Небомореоблака (Skyseaclouds) already impresses with its heavy riff sound which makes you concentrate on the music. The song by itself is a protest! Protest against commerce, globalization, prostitution and all the scum that filled 21-th century. By it’s stylistics that song is alone in the album. The next track Дыши (Breathe) sounds more British. By the way in the album brit and alternative (i mean more Radiohead-like sound (especially pay attention to the beginning of the track Повесица (Hang Oneself))) dominates which I think is great :)! Among these are Итоги (Resume) and Так И Оставим (Leave As It Is). There are more pure rock’n’roll songs in the album like Дай Мне Руку (Give Me A Hand) and Малыш (Baby). The last one IMHO is a masterpiece not only in this album but even for all Zemfira’s works.
Thus let’s switch to another emotional side of this album. The song Блюз (Blues) which became a single with it’s post-blues sound can be listened literally at one breath and if you close your eyes in the rhythm moment you’ll feel how your body rises up and tries to fly away. It’s incredible! So, lets fly on… Друг (Friend), Жужа (Juja), Красота (Beauty), Самолет (Airplane) tracks captivate with their depressing beautiful mood. Here where you can see Zemfira naked! Yes, exactly, naked! And realize how the girl has grown up. All this sincerity and frankness harmonize with nontraditional arrangements and great work of not only musicians, but the sound engineer as well!
The album ends with surrealistic and melancholic track Jim Beam with it’s original drums and guitar sequence.
At the end of all I’ll say that this album is very original, full of contrast, beauty, frankness and claims to the highest praises!

Highly recommended to enjoy this album lying or riding in a car (advisable in the night)

Best wishes, Zepp London


Manu said...

a very emotional post that made me remember of times when i was addicted on Zemfira! She is saving Russian contemporary alternative rock, really...

Diana said...

I LOVE ZEMFIRA!!! I'm Mexican, I can barely understand few words!!! BUT Is amazing How many emotions she transmits trhue her voice!!!... I JUST LOVE HER WORK!!! She sould be more know in the rest of the world... Such a shame in Mexico only music in English is listened...