The Vines - Winning Days (March 29, 2004)

Yes, you can't just say, you need to SHOUT their name!
I personally cannot imagine The Vines vocalist Craig's mouth not being open up to ears and voice driving you into euphoria! His ability to give a birth to unbelievable sounds makes you think he is one of those who have an art of yelling!
The Vines have been numerously named as a Nirvana band and I think there is something really similar especially the drive and the vocal of Craig though The Vines' songs are much more positive, childishly naughty and careless! They guarantee you an incredible adrenaline rush and mass loss of sanity! Vines are absolutely out of their wits and sometimes you just can't believe they are able to perform ballads with the same success as their branded mad shouts. BUT THEY DO!!! Anything from heart melting solos to the loudest shouts ever can be found in the Winning Days. Though not accepted with applauds by most of the musical judges considering it as a weaker reproduction of Highly Evolved (the band's first album) this album has super melodies you never get tired of re-listening such as Sunchild, Rainfall!

Amnesia is penetrating soo deep into your soul and beats along with your heartbeats, a very great song that despite its simplicity is so infective and mystical probably due to the perfectly harmonized and synchronized voices.

The Winning Days has a very Beatles like vocal with a quite long for The Vines solo and a sudden turn into a more rhythmic end at the end.

Hard-listening Evil Town with lots of distorted guitar and voice is probably the darkest song with the darkest text:

She sells and I don't
Like it feels
Like shonen knife and kills
But they dont mind in an evil town...

My favorite song Autumn Shade II is limitlessly melancholic making you cry really feeling the autumn leaves falling symbolizing the end of something. It is named as "2" as there was already another Autumn Shade in the first album Highly Evolved but they are not related in anyhow. So i really don't get the meaning of naming this song the same way again. If anyone knows the purpose or has some guesses please feel free to instruct me on this! ;)

Songs like Animal Machine and Fuck the World as well as are specially designed to pour out all your anger with this world. For this you just need to turn it on the highestpossible volume and yell as high as you can along with The Vines!

Ride and She's Got Something are energetic and dancing songs for tearing-everything-around parties!:)))

It's also very interesting to view their live performances as well probably due to mostly Craig's charismatic acts; he seems very himself on the stage and doesn't need to be anything else to be loved.


1. Ride 2:34
2. Animal Machine 3:27
3. TV Pro 3:46
4. Autumn Shade II 3:13
5. Evil Town 3:05
6. Winning Days 3:32
7. She's Got Something to Say 2:30
8. Rainfall 3:22
9. Amnesia 4:40
10. Sun Child 4:32
11. Fuck the World 3:41


Goyushek said...

I want new album! No concrete dates so far.. but there are rumors... Hope to get the new record next year!

PS. Autumn Shade II is my favourite! ^^

Goyushek said...

I have to post this! Just couldn't pass by!

The live version of Autumn Shade II.
I just love the harmony of sound in their music.