The Fratellis - Costello Music (October 2, 2006)

You can start being happy as soon as your hand is on Costello Music! This crazy rush of positive energy will overwhelm you and make you feel like life is such a funny thing! This everlasting feeling of freedom and "problemlessness" will stay with you long after you take the headphones off from your ears.

Flathead will make you feel a teenager going to meet friends for hanging out and just doing nothing, talking stupid things, kicking each other, fooling around and teasing people on the way :) The perfectly "innocent" outro of the song leaves a pleasant feeling after the song's ending.

"Whistle For The Choir" (one of the nicest songs in the album to me) creates associations with the Beatles' "Girl" in your mind. The phrase "Only a girl like you can be lonely" describes the song's philosophy best representing the Fratellis themselves who are crazy, amazing and so irresistible not being afraid of not being understood and lonely:)

The most famous song Chelsea dagger is a real dance track the first sounds of which make you jump getting ready to spring, rockn'roll and scream! This happy, careless at the same time "glamorous" song keeps you out of your breath and makes you long for the unexpected outro after the mysterious drum kits when the song is really getting "out of its wits" and makes you do
the same...!!!

The "bluesy" Doginabag is best for the most self-confident ones with "Atomic hearts" hiding a sweet intrigue under its cunning sounds.

Adventurous Creeping Up The Backstairs, impossibly funny Henrietta, "half drunk" Baby Fratelli are other dancing tracks making you laugh and bounce!

Ironic Vince The Loveable Stoner is a story of a careless stoner living by today...not a very healthy though sometimes a dream lifestyle for those (me including) who have to care for the future too much probably... ;)

Everybody knows you cried last night surprises you with so frequently changing rhythms and makes you stay tuned for not missing a new beat! This is the most positive song i have ever heard that is about crying :)

Got Na Nuts From A Hippy is the least rememberable song which is not much different from others besides this funny rhyme "And it was warm in the back of her van When she made me a real man" :)

Ole Black 'n' Blue Eyes is another ballad about a common story of a girl from a suburb trying to rock! It is very cute and these a-a-a-a's are really engaging warning that dealing with the Fratelli boys is not a rewarding thing :)

All in all this is a very positive album singing about you, your everyday life with its up and downs! You get addicted from the first seconds as there is now way to grieve your mood when you're on it! Catchy, though retro and far not an evolutionary musical discovery they are still great not being afraid of being ridiculous or insane and this is what makes them so irresistible!

Thank you Frats!!!

Yours truly