Travis - The Boy With No Name (May 7, 2007)

Feels as if a cool breeze is playing on your forehead while you're riding on your bicycle along the smooth green meadows and the sun shines over smiling at you. Everything is in a harmony and equilibrium. Such a peace comes over you...! Listening to Travis' The Boy With no Name album can really bring these feelings to you! This album probably reveals the band's lead singer Fran Healy's feelings-feelings of a parent of a new born son!

For 4 years fans were looking forward to the lovely melodies, Fran's branded "sighs" and making-you-dream-music! And so they created their boy with no name to listen to and to adore! Pretty melodies that are so easily loved at a glance and catch you as soon as you listen to the first sounds.
One of the album's most popular songs Closer is so "close", cute and loveable that you either fall in love even deeper if you are already or wish you were if you're not yet! It has Chinese or Japanese motives that give you the feeling of coziness and comfort!
Selfish Jean is an interesting step away from Travis's traditional style being more dancing and energetic rockn'roll song but still holding the familiar pretty tune inside!
Big Chair starts unusually "negativistic" for Travis but soon gets a positive turning still having a melancholic essence with poetic "You see it could have been me instead of you It could have been me if I wanted to..." lyrics.

Battleships is a story of a sunk ship of love sounding very "classical" taking you to England of 18th or 19th century. One of my favorite songs in the album Eyes Wide Open is somehow different and new having interesting "passionate" guitar slides and nice beats. You can feel how the song grows from the verse to chorus.
My Eyes and Sailing Away are such comfortable songs you can't find anything to criticize on!
One Night is probably the most depressive and minor song in the album but a really nice and Travisly simple but affecting song.
Under the Moonlight is endlessly sweet and romantic song perfect for teen lovers to feel the whole power of love under this song.
Out in Space is the most philosophic song with great lyrics best to be listened to while getting ready to sleep and thinking about the life, to see dreams sailing in millions of stars...
The next song Colder is seemingly about "knocking on heaven's doors": "And the sky is falling down, and there's an angel on the ground, it's getting colder"...
With birds singing and luggage preparing mood comes New Amsterdam creating associations with "Feeling Good"'s text "It's a new dawn, It's a new day and I am feeling good...!"
So this is how you feel when listening to this album. Though it's not guaranteed that you won't get bored soon afterwards you digest this album (which is usually so easy to do with Travis!) it anyway makes you come back again to get the beloved feeling of a domestic comfort when no bad surprises or unexpected turns can spoil your peaceful mood!!!